Do You Have To Put Wood Inside Vinyl Fence Post?

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Quick Answer:

Wood is NOT a great choice as an insert for vinyl posts.  Below I’ll explain why…


In the world of fencing, a common question posed by many homeowners and DIY enthusiasts is whether vinyl fence posts need wood inserts. This question arises due to the relatively flexible nature of vinyl compared to other fencing materials. To provide some clarity, let’s delve into the necessity of wood inserts for vinyl fences.

Why Wood Inserts Won't Work:

  • While wood inserts can add strength, they’re not always the best solution for every fence:

    1. Potential for Rot: Unlike vinyl, wood is susceptible to rot and insect damage. Even treated wood can eventually decay, compromising the integrity of your fence.

    2. Can’t fit properly in the posts: Unless you’re using those cheep bracket fences from Home Depot or Lowe’s you can only fit a 2×4 inside of the vinyl posts.

What To Use Instead Of Wood

I recommend going with an aluminum stiffener posts instead.  They will last as long as the fence and their shape is perfect for fitting inside posts.

Where to Buy Aluminum Stiffener Posts?

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