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Empowering New Hope with Quality Fencing Solutions At H&J Fence Supply Company, we're dedicated to enhancing properties across New Hope with top-tier vinyl and aluminum fences. As a specialized supplier, our commitment revolves around delivering premium materials, expert guidance, and unmatched reliability. Our mission is to be the cornerstone for DIY enthusiasts, contractors, and businesses seeking durable and stylish fencing solutions. With a comprehensive range and a passion for quality, we strive to exceed expectations, one fence at a time.

“We’re passionate about equipping our community with the finest fencing solutions. Our focus isn’t just on supplying materials; it’s about empowering every customer to transform their spaces with durable, stunning fences that stand the test of time.”

– Joe Migrala

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Benefit from our knowledgeable team's personalized assistance, ensuring you select the ideal fencing solution that matches your needs and elevates your property's aesthetics and security.

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We pride ourselves on sourcing only premium-grade materials, guaranteeing durable, long-lasting fences that withstand the elements and enhance your property's value.

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As a trusted supplier embedded in New Hope, PA, our commitment extends beyond products; it's about supporting our community with reliable, top-tier fencing supplies and unparalleled service.

Our Fences: Vinyl Collection

In New Hope, PA, seeking the right balance between privacy, durability, and aesthetic appeal for your property? Look no further than our range of premium Vinyl Fences.

Our Fences: Aluminum Collection

In New Hope, PA, ensuring safety, style, and endurance for your property’s perimeters is crucial. Our Aluminum Fencing Collection delivers these attributes seamlessly.

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Understand your needs, offer expert guidance, and recommend the ideal fencing solution tailored to your requirements.


Choose from our diverse range, ensuring quality, style, and functionality align with your property's essence.


Efficiently deliver premium fencing materials to your doorstep, ensuring a seamless experience from selection to installation.


We specialize in premium vinyl and aluminum fencing materials, including privacy, split rail, lattice, and pool code fences.

No, we focus solely on supplying high-quality fencing materials. However, we can recommend trusted local installation professionals.

Our experienced team offers personalized consultations to understand your needs and guide you to the ideal fencing solution.

We serve New Hope, PA, and the surrounding regions, ensuring prompt and reliable delivery of our premium fencing materials.

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New Hope, PA, nestled along the Delaware River, boasts a vibrant community with a population of around 2,500. Our commitment to this picturesque town goes beyond delivering fencing materials; it's about enriching properties with durable, elegant solutions tailored to your needs. Engage with us to unlock the potential of your property. Our premium vinyl and aluminum fencing materials are designed to elevate aesthetics, enhance security, and complement the charm of New Hope, PA. Whether it's a vinyl privacy fence for serene seclusion or an aluminum pool code fence for safety without compromising style, our tailored solutions cater to your preferences. With coordinates approximately at 40.3621° N latitude and 74.9506° W longitude, we are centrally located to serve New Hope, PA, and its surrounding areas efficiently. Our dedication lies in delivering excellence, ensuring your fencing materials reach your doorstep promptly, and transforming your vision into reality. Step into the world of exceptional fencing solutions tailored for New Hope, PA. Our knowledgeable team is ready to guide you through the selection process, matching your preferences with the perfect fencing materials. Explore our range, envision the transformation, and experience the seamless journey from consultation to supply, all aimed at elevating your property. Embark on this journey with us and discover how our fencing solutions can redefine your property's aesthetics and functionality in New Hope, PA. Contact us today to begin the process of enhancing your property's appeal, security, and value with our premium fencing materials tailored to your preferences.

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About New Hope, PA

New Hope is a borough in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The population was 2,612 at the 2020 census. New Hope is located approximately 30 mi (48 km) north of Philadelphia, and lies on the west bank of the Delaware River at its confluence with Aquetong Creek. The two-lane New Hope–Lambertville Bridge carries automobile and foot traffic across the Delaware to Lambertville, New Jersey, on the east bank. New Hope’s primary industry is tourism. == History == New Hope is located along the route of the Old York Road, the former main highway between Philadelphia and New York City. It was generally regarded as the halfway point, where travelers would stay overnight and be ferried across the Delaware River the next morning. The section of U.S. Route 202 that passes just north of New Hope is still named York Road, and the original route is now known as Bridge Street (PA 179). New Hope was first called “Coryell’s Ferry,” after the owner of the ferry business. The current name came into use following a fire in 1790 that destroyed several mills in the area; their reconstruction was considered a “new hope.” The night prior to George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River, he is said to have lodged in New Hope.

Neighborhoods in New Hope, PA

Gayborhood, Norris Square, Bedminster, West Torresdale

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