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Founded on the principles of quality, affordability, and exceptional customer service, we specialize in providing the finest vinyl and aluminum fencing supplies. Our commitment to excellence and a wide selection of products have made us the go-to source for both contractors and homeowners. At H&J, we understand the value of a sturdy and beautiful fence, and we are dedicated to ensuring that every customer finds exactly what they need for their unique fencing projects.

“At H&J Fence Supply, we believe in building more than fences; we’re building lasting relationships with our Westchester community. Our mission is to provide top-notch fencing supplies while nurturing trust and satisfaction among our clients. “

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Explore our showcase of recent projects, where H&J Fence Supply transforms visions into reality, enhancing properties across West Chester County, PA. with unmatched craftsmanship and quality materials.

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Unparalleled Quality and Variety

At H&J, we take pride in offering an extensive range of top-tier vinyl and aluminum fencing options, ensuring you find the perfect match for your project.

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Our commitment to providing affordable fencing solutions without compromising on quality means you get the best value for your investment in West Chester County.

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With deep roots in the community, our knowledgeable team offers personalized service and insights tailored to the unique needs of West Chester County residents.

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54" Pool Code Fence (Jayden) in Chester County, PA

The 54" Pool Code Fence (Jayden) is specifically designed to meet safety regulations for pool enclosures. H&J specializes in these fences, ensuring compliance without compromising on style. Pool owners often struggle with meeting safety codes while wanting to maintain an aesthetically pleasing pool area. Our Jayden fence meets safety standards and adds an elegant touch to your pool space, providing peace of mind with a sophisticated look.

54" Pool Code Fence (Hope) in Chester County, PA

The 54" Pool Code Fence (Hope) offers a blend of safety and style for any pool area. Our expertise in crafting these fences ensures they not only meet regulatory requirements but also enhance your pool’s ambiance. The challenge for many is finding a fence that adheres to safety norms while complementing the pool’s design. Our Hope fence resolves this, offering a secure, attractive barrier that elevates the overall appearance of your pool area.

54" Pool Code Fence (Hope XP) in Chester County, PA

The 54" Pool Code Fence (Hope XP) stands out for its extra durability and design features, tailored for pool safety and elegance. At H&J, we provide fences that exceed standard requirements for strength and aesthetics. A common issue is balancing stringent safety requirements with a desire for a visually appealing pool fence. The Hope XP model addresses this by offering enhanced durability and a sleek design, ensuring your pool area is safe and stylish.

Our Process

Consultation & Customization

Begin with a personalized consultation where we understand your specific needs. We then tailor our fencing solutions to fit your unique requirements, ensuring you get exactly what you envision for your space.

Quality Assurance & Preparation

Each fence is meticulously checked for quality. We prepare all necessary materials, ensuring they meet our high standards and are ready for prompt delivery to your location.

Fast, Reliable Delivery

Our commitment to efficiency shines in our delivery process. We ensure fast and reliable delivery of your fencing supplies to West Chester County, making the installation process as smooth as possible for you or your contractor.

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We specialize in a wide range of fencing materials, including premium vinyl and aluminum options. Our vinyl selection features privacy, split rail, lattice, picket, and closed spindle top fences, while our aluminum range includes various styles, including the 54″ Pool Code compliant fences.

While we are dedicated to supplying top-quality fencing materials, we do not offer installation services. However, we can recommend reputable local contractors in West Chester County who can assist with the installation process.

The right fence depends on your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. Our team can help you navigate through our diverse range of fencing options during a consultation to find the perfect fit for your property’s style and functionality requirements.

Absolutely. Our vinyl and aluminum fences are designed to endure various weather conditions, offering durability and longevity. They are manufactured to resist fading, warping, and rusting, ensuring they maintain their appearance and strength over time.

You can easily get a quote by contacting us at (856) 595-4553. Our team will discuss your specific requirements and provide you with a detailed and transparent quotation for your fencing materials.

Harnessing West Chester County's Essence: H&J Fence Supply's Commitment to Quality and Community

In the heart of New York's vibrant West Chester County, H&J Fence Supply Company stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of robust community values and thriving business opportunities. This region, bustling with a population of over 980,000 residents and nestled at coordinates 41.1220° N, 73.7949° W, is more than just a geographic location; it's a tapestry of rich history and modern sophistication. West Chester County, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and historical landmarks like the Kykuit estate, the Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse, and the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Hotel, reflects a unique juxtaposition of the traditional and contemporary. H&J Fence Supply Company, deeply rooted in this community, understands the diverse fencing needs of both residential and commercial clients, whether it's near the bustling Westchester Medical Center or the tranquil trails of Croton Gorge Park. Our products are designed with the local climate in mind, offering durability to withstand the county's varied weather patterns. We're also keenly aware of local building regulations, ensuring all our supplies meet the county's stringent standards. Eco-friendly practices are at our core; we utilize recycled materials and sustainable methods, echoing West Chester County's commitment to environmental stewardship. From the vibrant neighborhoods of Yonkers to the serene streets of White Plains, our extensive range caters to every corner of the county. We understand the unique character of each area, whether it's providing elegant fencing for a historic property in New Rochelle or a durable, stylish solution for a modern home in Mount Vernon. At H&J Fence Supply, we're not just selling fences; we're enhancing the beauty and security of the places you love in West Chester County. Experience our tailored solutions and become a part of our story—a story woven into the fabric of this exceptional county. Let's build something beautiful together.

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About West Chester, PA

West Chester is a borough and the county seat of Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States. Located within the Philadelphia metropolitan area, the borough had a population of 18,461 at the 2010 census. West Chester is the mailing address for most of its neighboring townships. When calculated by mailing address, the population as of the 2010 U.S. Census was 108,696, which would make it the 10th largest city by mailing address in the state of Pennsylvania.Much of the West Chester University of Pennsylvania North Campus and the Chester County government are located within the borough. The center of town is located at the intersection of Market and High Streets. == History == The area was originally known as Turk’s Head—after the inn of the same name located in what is now the center of the borough. West Chester has been the seat of government in Chester County since 1786 when the seat was moved from nearby Chester in what is now Delaware County. The borough was incorporated in 1799. In the heart of town is its courthouse, a classical revival building designed in the 1840s by Thomas U. Walter, one of the architects for the Capitol in Washington, D.C. In the 18th century West Chester was a center of clockmaking. Irish revolutionary Theobald Wolfe Tone briefly lived in West Chester during his exile.

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