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SJ Fence Supply

We get the leads, handle the calls, and go to their house. You just show up, install, and get paid.


Let Us Take A Few Of Your Hats

Running a business consumes most of our lives!  Between all the calls, emails, quotes, paperwork, and the actual jobs we’re working at least 60-80 hours a week.

And most of your time is spent dealing with cheap people who were never serious about the job in the first place.  

Now with the Preferred Partner Program, we do all the upfront customer service, so you’re able to quote projects in 2 minutes.  What will you do with the extra time?


More money than being a subcontractor

Usually subs get paid peanuts.  But when you partner with SJ fence Supply you choose how much you want to make.  Most companies charge about double what their subcontractor rate is.

It’s the best of both worlds:  Just as much profit but with less hours, stress, and headaches. 

How it works:

number 1 on a circle

Customer calls and we give them a ballpark on what the materials will cost as well as the labor from up to 5 Preferred Partners

number 2 on a circle

We go out to do an onsite consultation.  We answer their questions, take measurements and detailed notes as well as pictures and videos.

We’ll send this to you so you can see exactly what you’re going to deal with. 

You let us know what your final price would be and we send to the customer.

number 3 on a circle

Customer chooses which Preferred Partner they’d like to use.

You coordinate the installation date and we make sure the materials are there.

Once you’re finished you get paid from the customer and you’re on to the next job.  Easy Peasy!


The fine Print

You know the saying, nothing in life is free.  Here’s the 3 things that need to happen.

1. The customer must buy the materials through SJ Fence Supply.

2. We charge the customer a $75 fee for the onsite consultation.  If they hire you for the project you must discount your labor the $75.

3. We perform spot checks and follow up with customers to make sure they were provided a great experience.  If we find issues with communication, quality of work, or failure to honor warranties you will be removed from this program.

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