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When it comes to gates, choosing the right hardware is crucial for both security and aesthetic appeal. With a wide range of options available, navigating the world of gate hardware can be overwhelming. Fear not! Our comprehensive Buying Guide is here to simplify your decision-making process. Discover the key factors to consider and make an informed choice that aligns with your needs and preferences.

Stainless steel gate hardware is best.

Stainless steel hardware is best. Period.  It not only doesn’t rust, it lasts longer and works like it’s supposed to for many more years.

Be careful when looking for gate parts online, make sure it says stainless steel and not just zinc.  Otherwise in a few years you will be fighting to open or close your gate!

Get your budget friendly pair of stainless steel hinges by clicking here (Fast & Free delivery too!)

Locks for gates?

In my opinion every lock is going to fail at some point when it’s outside dealing with mother nature.  For this reason I like padlocks since you can replace when they freeze up.  If you buy a latch that has an integrated lock just know that you may have to replace the entire thing if/when the lock fails.

This is the lock I personally use.  It’s lasted the longest out of any lock I’ve used so far.

Self closing hinges?

Self closing hinges have a spring inside and you can tension so that the gate will automatically shot without you having to pull or push the gate closed.

These are mandatory for yards with pools and are great for anyone with pets, kids, or landscapers.

Black or white hardware?

The most popular color for gate hardware is powder coated black.  Even if you have a white fence it still makes sense to go with black.

White gate hardware has a tendency to look dirty and will require regular cleaning compared to black hinges and latches.

Price and Budget Considerations:

For standard hardware you’re going to be looking at about $60-$100 per gate.  This will include the hinges and latches.  You can save a little bit by going with zinc.  But remember that you’ll be saving a little up front but spending more in the future.  Get quality stainless steel hardware for an affordable price by clicking here.


While quality should be a priority, it’s important to set a budget and find hardware that aligns with your financial constraints. Compare prices from different suppliers, but remember that cheaper options might compromise on durability and performance. Strike a balance between affordability and quality to make a wise investment.  Fortunately for you, H&J Fence Supply offers premium quality hardware at a budget friendly cost!  Click HERE to see our gate hardware or look below for our available options.


No!  The reason being that vinyl hardware is bolted on two sides of the latch post or gate.  Wood gate hardware only bolts on one side.  Over time the bolts will pull out of the vinyl fence because there's nothing it can bite into like wood.

Yes!  Typically you will use an aluminum stiffener post, otherwise called an I-Beam.  This stops the post from flexing or sagging over time.

Typically you want an inch between the latch post and hinge post and the gate.  For double gates you will want 1 inch on each side of the gate as well as 1 inch between the two gates.  This gives you enough clearance so nothing rubs together.

Single Gates: 1 latch, 1 pair of hinges, 1-2 handles (optional)

Double Gates: 1 latch, 2 pairs of hinges, 2-4 handles (optional)

In my opinion, yes.  Besides being required for pools, they're great for people with kids or pets. 

Buy Your Gate Hardware Below:

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black stainless steel vinyl gate latch

Vinyl Gate Latch

Stainless steel powder coated black.

black stainless steel vinyl gate hinges

Vinyl Gate Hinges

Spring loaded and self closing.  Stainless steel powder coated black.

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