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A properly functioning pool gate is essential for maintaining safety and security around your swimming pool area. Over time, the hinges of a pool gate may require adjustment to address issues like misalignment, sagging, or sticking. In this article, we will guide you through the process of adjusting pool gate hinges, helping you ensure optimal performance and adherence to safety standards.

Step-byStep Guide to Adjusting Pool Gate Hinges:

Identify which style hinge you have.  There are two styles.  One has a nut at the top or bottom along with a hex nut on the face of the hinge.  The other one has a slotted piece to insert a screwdriver.  Below are the two styles.

This is a self closing pool gate hinge that uses a screwdriver for adjustment.

This style uses a screwdriver for adjustments.

This is a self closing pool gate hinge that uses a wrench for adjustment.

This style uses a wrench for adjustments.

For hinges that use a screwdriver for adjustments:

This style is the easier of the two to adjust.  Just use a flathead screwdriver and push the slotted end in and turn 1/4 clockwise.  Repeat for the other hinge and check the gate.  If it still does not close then repeat the process and you should be good to go.

For hinges that use a wrench for adjustments:

This style has two parts to it.  First you’ll need a wrench and the correct size hex key.  

Put the wrench on the nut and then loosen the hex bolt.  Turn the nut 1/4 turn clockwise then tighten the hex bolt.  Repeat for the other hinge.  Once done check to see if it closes.  If not repeat the process.

Gate still not closing?

There’s a chance that the spring inside the hinge broke.  If that’s the case you’ll just need to buy a new set of hinges.


That’s it!  Go out and enjoy your properly working gate!

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